14 Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

Looking for a gift idea for your college student planning to study abroad? I have fun, stylish and practical Gift Ideas For The Study Abroad Student.

Venturing to a foreign country can be both intimidating and exciting. If you know someone who is about to head off to study or is a frequent traveler, help make sure they’re prepared for their upcoming journey with an item or two from this guide of gifts for students studying abroad. To ensure your gift is a winner, we’ve carefully selected a range of useful gift ideas for the study abroad that any student or traveler would greatly appreciate. Below you’ll find travel essentials like the ultimate carry-on backpack, a personalized leather passport wallet, and a fail-safe global travel adapter, to more amusing goodies like a leather travel journal and a book that teaches you how to swear around the world.

1. Swearing Around The World Book

How to Swear Around the World

$9.08 Walmart$9.08 Amazon

Focus on what really matters when traveling abroad with the “How To Swear Around The World” instructional book. As experienced world travelers can vouch for, it’s not about what or who you know, it’s about how well you can insult someone’s mother in proper dialect.

2. Worst Case Scenario Survival Book

The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook

$10.50 Walmart$10.50 Amazon

There’ll be no catching you off guard after you read the Worst Case Scenario Survival book. After studying its informative pages, you’ll know how to make it out alive from any imaginable situation such as getting abducted by aliens or navigating a minefield.

3. Multi-Function Travel Jacket

Baubax Travel Jacket

$47.50 Amazon

Head out wearing the Baubax multi-function travel jacket and you’ll be ready for anything your trip throws your way. Both fashionable and comfortable, this fully functional hoodie features everything from a built-in neck pillow to a passport pocket and earphone holders.

4. Concealed Pocket Socks

Pocket Socks by Zip It Gear - Passport Security Travel Socks

$24.95 Amazon

Keep your important documents safe and secure at all times with the concealed pocket socks. Whether you’re travelling abroad or happen to be walking by a sketchy neighborhood, these socks will safely conceal your cash, passport, ID, etc. from prying eyes.

5. Travel Security Belt

Zero Grid Travel Security Belt - Hidden Money Pouch

$14.95 Amazon

Keep your valuables safe from pickpockets when you’re on-the-go by storing them inside this travel security belt. This fully adjustable and airport-friendly accessory comes with a concealed compartment along the belt’s interior that’s ideal for stashing what matters most.

6. Nomatic Travel Bag

NOMATIC Water Resistant 40L Travel Bag

$269.00 Amazon

Who says a carry-on can’t hold all your stuff? The Nomatic travel bag features a brilliant functional compartmentalized design that allows you to pack up to 7 days worth of clothes, toiletries, and accessories inside a truly compact package.

7. Roll Up Travel Bag

Rolo Adventures LLC | Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag

$49.00 Amazon

Eliminate the need for constant unpacking by storing everything in this roll up travel bag. The exterior is made from a durable nylon fabric while the interior comes lined with military-grade mesh zippered pockets capable of storing up to 4 days worth of clothing.

8. Hoodie Travel Pillow

HoodiePillow Brand (Inflatable) Travel Hoodie Pillow-Gray

$24.95 Amazon

When you’re traveling it’s okay to forget about things like wallets or keys – but you should be without the hoodie travel pillow. With a cozy pillows that cradles the neck and a soft hoodie that wards off any unwanted conversations, it’s an absolute must-have for any trip.

9. Smart Travel Router Adapter

Satechi Smart Travel Adapter with USB Charging Port for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, MP3 Devices, and More

$14.99 Amazon

Improve and extend your internet access when travelling abroad by taking along the smart travel router adapter. It supports various platforms, works in over 150 countries, and lets you charge two devices simultaneously – making it a travel essential.

10. Divider Travel Bag

Gobi Gear SegSac Traveler

$43.00 Amazon

Make the packing process a little easier on yourself by getting things organized using this divider travel bag. It’s made from an ultra-light fabric and includes four internal compartments so that you can easily keep your things organized while travelling.

11. Fold-Out Toiletries Travel Bag

Everything Orgo Multiple Use Storage Container - Functions as Packing Cube, Cosmetics Bag, Toiletries Bag, and Travel Organizer

$33.99 Amazon

Keep your daily essentials organized and at hand during your travels by carrying everything inside this fold-out toiletries travel bag. The functional fold-out design provides ample storage while also creating extra counter space for greater comfort.

12. Camera Hip Holster

Peak Design Capture PRO Camera Clip with ARCA Plate

$79.95 Amazon

Have the fastest draw in the West when you wield the camera hip holster. This convenient and easy to use holster is a great accessory for photographers that allows them to keep their cameras on hand without having to have them slung around their neck.

13. Swiss Army Nail Clippers

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife

$8.80 Amazon

Keep your fingernails perfectly manicured at all times by making these Swiss Army nail clippers part of your everyday carry. They’re crafted from premium stainless steel, given a nice satin finish, feature a sharp curved edge, and come in a handy black leather pouch.

14. Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, SwissChamp Pocket Knife

$66.50 Amazon

Worldwide the Swiss Pocket knife is considered to be a multifunctional and compact knife enhanced with a lot of tools. Some models even come with so many tools you can hardly still call them compact. All Victorinox pocket knives, of course, come with a knife. In addition, most types have been enhanced with a screwdriver, can and bottle opener, toothpick and tweezers.

Handle any task that comes your way by making sure you always carry a trusty Swiss Army pocket knife. This iconic staple of everyday carry gear is finely crafted using stainless steel with 17 different tools capable of performing 33 unique functions.