10 Best Halloween ideas costumes for kids and babies

Get the perfect Halloween costumes for your kids with these awfully adorable outfits.

Halloween may be all about the candy for your kids, but for us moms, can we admit that it’s one giant photo op (where your kids are actually excited to participate!)? And if you’ve got more than one child, they are a prime target for a fun themed costume where the sum is greater than the parts. We mean, what’s Batman without Robin, Ketchup without Mustard, or Milk without Cookies?

But, the quest to find the right costume is a never-ending debate that changes on a daily basis. Superheroes or wizards? Animals or witches? If you’re feeling creative, maybe even a royal? The back and forth can be exhausting, but also exhilarating as kids let their imaginations run wild.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Halloween costumes ideas for kids and babies to outfit the little ones in your home — and they’re bound to be the best on the block this spooky season.

1. Baby Lion Cub Halloween Costume

Baby Lion Cub Halloween Costume

$32.99 Walmart

So cute and cuddly, this little cub will be a hit with the whole pride there will be purrs and plenty of nuzzling for this soon-to-be king of the jungle lion cub costume comes with romper, hood and mouse rattle.

Your little king of the jungle can let out a roar and feel their wild side in our Lion Cub Baby Costume. They’re sure to be the ‘mane’ attraction as such a cuddly cub. Part of the Noah’s Ark collection, our baby Lion Cub Costume includes a furry hood with lion ears and faux fur mane, mouse rattle and a furry romper with light belly and paws. He is sure to stay warm and cozy while feeling as cuddly as ever in our lion cub baby costume.

2. Dinky Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume

Dinky Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume

$46.69 Walmart

The Dinky Dragon Infant Toddler Costume is an colorful and vibrant costume that babies will love dressing up in for Halloween. This dragon costume features a fully lined plush bright blue jumpsuit with zippered closure in back and leg snaps for diaper changing. This bright blue dragon has a green belly and an attached blue tail. The dinky dragon costume also includes a detachable plush hood with velcro closure at the chin and all of the fun features of the dragon face that your child will love, including ears, horns, eyes, nostrils and teeth that will frame your baby’s face. This costume also includes slip resistant grips on the bottom of the scaly dragon-like shoes covers and a pair of detachable orange dragon wings that your child can wear comfortably on the back.

3. Infant/Toddler Frisky Fox Costume

Infant/Toddler Frisky Fox Costume

$27.99 Walmart

Foxes, they’ve got a little bit of a reputation. It’s the hen house exploits, the wide-eyed low walking crouch. People find their tricky tendencies suspicious. People have judged them for being opportunistic for all these years but isn’t that a good thing? After all, you find a penny pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck, right?

So the question is, how come we judge these little creatures so harshly when we so value that kind of wit in us humans? Take your child’s tendencies for instance. Of course, you were a little worried when your foxy little kid wiggled their way out of their crib for the first time but part of you was more than a little proud. And when they first learned that they could find cookies on the counter after you brought in the groceries they started pushing over that foot stool to do some snooping on the regular. There’s no way you could be mad while watching that little pudgy hand pat around for an animal cracker. So, the point is, you like your kid’s foxlike nature, why not embrace it?

Your child’s antics will be all the cuter in this cozy fox jumpsuit. The suit’s fur is super soft, especially the white belly. It has a fluffy tail, cute whether your kiddo is crawling or teetering around. And if you’re going trick-or-treating your little critter will remain cozy in the sculpted hood, with an easy snap to secure it in the cold October breeze. Once your little one is wearing this suit it won’t be long before even the most vehement fox haters call off the hunt.

4. Rubies Deluxe Wonder Woman Toddler Halloween Costume

Rubies Deluxe Wonder Woman Toddler Halloween Costume

$24.97 Walmart

Put the neighborhood on alert…this is going to be the year of Wonder Woman!

At least it will be in your house. Ever since your when your girl met Princess Diana of Themys…er…Diana Prince–your home has been turned into an Amazonian playground. Your girl spends every waking moment reading about, watching, and living her Wonder Woman fantasies. She beats up the bad guys after breakfast, saves the planet from peril before lunch, and lassos the truth from everyone she meets by the time supper rolls around. In this Kids Wonder Woman Costume, then, your little girl can bring her imaginative ideas to life and collect all the candy in one fell swoop before Halloween comes to a close. We trust she’ll keep the peace in the neighborhood all night long!

Wearing this shining symbol of superhero strength, she can finally experience the epitome of her fandom and become Wonder Woman herself. She can coordinate her with her friends for a fun DC comic theme, or fly solo. But, we’re warning you, before you show her the striped boot toppers, red cape, gold tiara, and bulletproof bracelets of this costume, you may want to ask yourself just how ready you are to live with Wonder Woman day in and day out. Because like her hero, your little girl is powerful and strong-willed, and thus you may encounter a bit of a struggle convincing her to change out of the red tank shirt and star-printed blue skirt once she’s got it on. Well, what you can you do? That’s the price you pay for crafting a goddess-like warrior right under your own roof.

5. Fire Breathing Dragon Toddler Toddler Halloween Costume

Fire Breathing Dragon Toddler Toddler Halloween Costume

$36.35 Walmart

We see a lot of detailed Halloween costumes inspired by amazing tales and ferocious beasts, but many of them seem to fixate on the scarier parts of the story. Of course a dragon attack would be frightening–especially if you couldn’t just search the internet for dragon attack survival tips. But some of those costumes forget how much fun dragon attacks must have been for the dragon!

Hey, we’re the last people we’d want to see burnt to a crisp! But if that’s how we have to go, we’d rather have the satisfaction of knowing that it really made somebody’s day. And one look in the wide, gleeful eyes of this hooded outfit will show you that this scaly dragon feels all warm and fuzzy inside! Though that may not be quite how the townspeople feel, cowering in their flame-resistant cellars. Oh well. It’s like they always say: it takes some dragon’s breath to make an omelette. That’s a real saying, isn’t it? You’re shaking your head like it’s not. Whoops! We must be hungry, or something.

From now on, we’ll just stick to admiring this spectacular outfit’s toothy grin, pointy tail, and cute flappy wings! You can jump in with any adages or axioms that you think might be relevant. The only thing we ask is that you give this impish flamethrower a chance to light up the neighborhood for a night of incandescent trick-or-treating! And if it’s not too much trouble, a few toasted marshmallows would really hit the spot.

6. Pink Pansy Infant Halloween Dress Up

Pink Pansy Infant Halloween Dress Up

$36.35 Walmart

Your little sunshine will look sweet as ever in this presh flower costume. Use a cute watering can to hold candy (for yourself!), and you have a costume that might score you a win in your local Halloween parade.

7. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Classic Child Halloween Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Classic Child Halloween Costume

$28.68 Walmart

Is it a Christmas movie featuring Halloween levels of spookiness, or is it a Halloween movie decked out in Christmas cheer? Whichever way you see it, the star of the classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is a costume that will never go out of style. The three-piece costume features Jack Skellington’s perfectly round and creepy head and his dapper penguin suit.

8. Skelebones Child Halloween Costume

Skelebones Child Halloween Costume

$24.29 Walmart

Spooking people on Halloween is in your bones! This Totally Skelebones Skeleton Costume for boys features a black hooded jumpsuit decorated with molded white bones as well as matching gloves and shoe covers. With the included skull face mask twisted into a sinister grin, this Skeleton Costume gets you ready to be totally eerie in the neighborhood this Halloween.

9. Sinister Jester Boys’ Child Halloween Costume

Sinister Jester Boys' Child Halloween Costume

$25.85 Walmart

Creepy clowns are always a winner at Halloween parties, but this guy really is something else!

Just take a look at that horrifying, grinning mask, the stand-out feature in this very cool jester’s outfit.

You’ll have the last laugh in this terrifying jester costume! This red and black, harlequin-design outfit consists of a shirt, matching pants, waist sash, hood with attached collar and creepy jester mask. Looks like the joke is on you!

10. Olaf Toddler Classic Halloween Costume

Olaf Toddler Classic Halloween Costume

$23.30 Walmart

Not since Frosty has a snowman made such cultural waves. People just LOVE Olaf. He’s sweet, funny, caring, and sometimes he’s melting, depending on whether he’s got his own personal flurry with him or not. The perfect role model for our kids! Unfortunately, this infant and toddler Olaf costume doesn’t come with a flurry, but your little ones won’t mind, because they’ll be melting with happiness (which is way better than regular melting, we say). They might be too young to know all the words, but don’t be surprised if they go around saying, in their own way) Trust us, it’s going to be adorable